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Tapazz develops and manages car sharing solutions

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Our mission

Cars remain unused for an average of 90%. We think this is a waste of capital, material and city space. That’s why we develop car sharing solutions. To serve more people with less cars.

Project Developers

Custom white-label sharing solution for oHase

Tapazz builds systems that allow residents book cars that get placed in new real estate projects. Mobility as a service as part of your buildings and real estate projects.

Your residents no longer need their own second car. And you can replace part of your parking with more green or appartements. Resulting in new satisfied clients and faster sales. We take care of all the software and hardware.

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Powering Corda's car sharing initiative

No need to give all your employees their own car or reserve more and more parking for your commercial real estate renters.Instead your employees or renters can book a car when they need one and only pay for their usage. Resulting in less parking issues and more satisfied employees. More new satisfied clients and faster sales.

We take care of the soft and hardware and our partners can take care of the cars.

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Renting a car from your neighbours

Tapazz Peer-To-Peer is a public software platform that allows you to rent your car out to your neighbours whenever you are not using it yourself. The platform takes care of profile verifications, bookings flow payments and administration. So you and your neighbours can relax and enjoy the ride.

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